Who we are...

Simona : 43 years old, a Master’s Degree in Psychology and working as professional educator with disabled children, she was born in the Tortona area. She always dreamed of building her own farmhouse. Thanks to her great taste and true passion for countrystyle homes she was the authentic designer of our house’s restructuring.

Italo      :  born in Milan 42 years ago, he spent nineteen years in Barcelona, Spain. Working as Country Sales Manager for an Austrian manufacturer of packaging materials, after 20 years of travelling around the world due to his job, Italo found his true hobby in restructuring this house. Building our Cascina is a project he took up together with Simona. One year ago, as they finished the job and gave the final touches to their common dream home, they oriented themselves toward guests’ accomodation in summer time. Italo speaks Italian, English, German, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

Simone & Mattia : 16 and 12 years old, the "little babies" of the house gave their contribution to the restoration of our home (as long as refreshing playtime in the pool was guaranteed)